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New Services with Mind in Salford

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Logo Mind in Salford StackMind in Salford is merging with Salford Mental Health Services CAB, with all services coming into the Mind in Salford Charity.

The merger diversifies the services, expertise and income of our charity, and will help us provide better services combining the experience and expertise of both charities.

Under the Mind in Salford banner, we will now have additional services:

  • IMHA advocacy at Meadowbrook combined with our Advocacy Hub,
  • Secure IMHA advocacy at the Edenfield Hospital site,
  • A Welfare Rights and Debt Advice service for people suffering from mental ill health
  • On 23rd March we will be welcoming the 12 new staff from SMHSCAB in these services.

    AQS logoMind in Salford gains Advice Quality Standard

    As part of the merger process, Mind in Salford has gained the Advice Quality Standard for our Advocacy and Advice Services, a tremendous achievement from all our staff and evidence of our commitment to providing a quality service.

    Blog – Snowfall

    Thursday, March 12th, 2015


    I took myself for a walk recently, up into the Derbyshire hills. As I was climbing a fellside, some low cloud started to roll across the tops, like smoke. It started to snow, so I paused in a copse of young birch trees. Standing right below the snow cloud, I became aware of wanting to make the most of the next few moments – before the snow melted.

    I enjoyed the feel of the snow as it landed on my skin, the look of it as it lay on the branches and tufts of grass, and the sound of it – I even heard it making a whispering noise as it fell onto dry bracken. I picked some up and watched it melt, change shape, and turn into water… and I noticed my disappointment as it did this.

    I think part of the reason that snow holds a magical quality for me, is its transient nature – its impermanence. In mindfulness, the idea of impermanence is about accepting that nothing, including us, is fixed and that change is a part of life. A bit like the way each moment is transitory and like snow, melts and gives way to the next one.

    I guess living more mindfully is about noticing moments before they melt into the river of our everyday lives.