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Housing and mental health in Salford


We want mental health to be at the heart of housing in Salford.


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Why are we campaigning?

Everyone needs a safe, suitable and secure home to stay well. Unfortunately though, at the moment there are issues across the private and social housing sectors which are making it harder for people to find the housing they need.

At Mind in Salford, we understand the importance of housing to local communities, and regularly come in contact with people whose mental health has been impacted by their housing situation. We know that a suitable home is fundamental maintaining good mental health, and is a crucial part of the recovery process for those who have received support from mental health services.

We will be campaigning to improve housing and services in Salford, with the aim that by doing so, nobody’s mental health is compromised.



Is enough being done to support mental health in Salford's housing system? An analysis

Read Mind in Salford’s local housing analysis here.

Our Research

As a national charity, Mind have been conducting in-depth research in to the complex relationship between housing and mental health. By studying policy, and speaking to residents, professionals and other third sector organisations, Mind have produced a comprehensive review, titled, Brick by Brick

 The review explores a wide range of areas that are thought to have a negative impact on individual mental health, such as, housing supply, temporary accommodation, hospital discharge, housing quality and social housing allocations. At Mind in Salford, we believe that many of the topics raised in the review are pertinent to the housing system across Salford and Greater Manchester. Therefore, we want to bring our knowledge and experience of mental health to the public and local decision-makers, to ensure that mental health is at the forefront of housing considerations in our city.

Read our analysis of the current housing system in Salford and share among your networks to get the conversation started!


housing salford


How you can help…

1) Write a housing plea

As this campaign is about improving standards and support for local people, we want to local people to help shape our message. Whether you are a resident whose mental health has been impacted as a result of your housing situation, or an organisation that works with those affected, we want to hear from you.


What do you think needs to change with housing in Salford? Write a plea summarizing your thoughts, and we will add it to our campaign page. We want to collect as many pleas as possible so, so tell your friends, family, pets, postmen… let’s get talking about housing and mental health in Salford!

Write a plea.

Got more to say? By sharing your story, you could help us better understand the real problems in Salford’s housing system, and encourage others to speak out about their experience with housing and mental health. Get in touch with us at, .


2) Support and share

Over the coming months we will be shouting about housing in Salford, and looking to our local supporters to shout with us! You can start by sharing our housing analysis, signing up to the Brick by Brick mailing list and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

3) Share your expertise

Are you a professional that works in the housing or health and social care sectors? We value your expertise and encourage you to contact us with your views, client experiences or campaign ideas. By working with local professionals, we hope that we can make the most pragmatic policy suggestions and together strive for solutions that make a real difference to the people of Salford.

4) Become a campaign activist

If you feel strongly about changing housing for the better, the most effective thing you can do is become a campaign activist. As an activist, you will engage others by supporting us online, contributing to our policy work and organising focus groups/events.


Going forward, we want the Salford community to help shape our campaign, so that we can target the issues that matter most. So if you’d like to be involved, please contact or call 0161 212 4882.


housing salford


Mental health at home: how where you live can impact your mental health

Watch Billy, Lucie, Lucy and Miles share their experiences of how their living situations and mental health problems affect each other.





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