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Mind in Salford Advocacy Hub Grows

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Logo Advocacy HubWe are pleased to announce that as of April 1st 2016 our Salford Advocacy Hub will be expanded to cover IMCA and NHS complaints advocacy in Salford as well as our existing advocacy services.

After an in-depth tender process, we were the successful bidder for the contract for the new enlarged Salford Advocacy Hub, joint funded by Salford CCG and Salford City Council.

Our new, expanded Salford Advocacy Hub will provide

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) – supporting people without capacity in care planning and review, safeguarding including DOLS and when serious medical treatment is considered
  • Independent Care Act Advocacy (ICAA) – supporting people with difficulties engaging through care planning and review and safeguarding processes
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) – supporting people to understand their rights and get their view across in Meadowbrook and Woodlands hospitals and on CTOs in the community
  • Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy (ICA) – supporting people to address complaints with NHS funded services
  • Community Advocacy (Non-Statutory) – supporting people to express their views, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain appropriate services in a variety of circumstances, for
    1. people with mental health problems,
    2. people with physical disabilities,
    3. people with sensory impairments,
    4. people with learning disabilities,
    5. people with an autism spectrum condition, and
    6. people over 60

Advocacy Awareness Campaign – An Update

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Our Advocacy Awareness campaign has been a runaway success – with referrals into the service trebling since its commencement in late June.

We have also met our target of improving the number of referrals from other agencies, and improving the number of agencies who refer to us.

We have put posters up in most GP surgeries and pharmacies that would let us – but for the moment postponed further actions to support the clients we are currently getting.

Referrals 201314Referrals in Q3 2014

The success is to such an extent that we are now looking for sessional advocates and additional funding to provide support to our existing advocates to meet the increased demand – if you are able to advocate, or know of any potential sources of funding, please let us know via

Advocacy Awareness Campaign

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Do you have something to say, but feel like no one is listening?Mind in Salford is currently trying to increase awareness of our advocacy service throughout Salford.

Putting up Posters in Mocha Parade
We’re going to every GP surgery, every pharmacy, every social services hub & every community mental health team in Salford putting up posters & leaving leaflets for the public.

We’re re-briefing adult social services teams on how our advocacy service can help people.

We’re advertising in the local CCG magazine to try and encourage GPs to refer.

Discussing Advocacy in Walkden
We’re attending council run events to encourage the public to self refer.

Graph showing Referral OriginsWhy now?

The campaign was inspired by our quarterly reporting showing very high self-referral rates, and low referral rates from other agencies.

This told us that potentially vulnerable and disenfranchised adults are having to search for our service, rather than be referred to us.

We’re hoping to make it easier for these people – by making it easier to find us and more likely they’ll be referred by someone else.

Volunteers take part in Advocacy Training

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

We held a training session in May for a set of eight prospective volunteer advocates.

Markus worked through some exercises with us on the obstacles Mental Health, Over 60 and Physical & Sensory Impairment clients may face, and talked about what makes a good advocate.

We also covered boundaries, listening skills and some anonymised case studies as a group.

We’re hopeful that a number of the attendees will go on to become volunteer advocates with us, helping provide a good service to you!

Advocacy Training 5Advocacy Training 1