How to get involved?

The first thing to do when you have your fundraising event in mind, is to register your event with us. Please contact fundraising@mindinsalford and one of our team will then be in touch to see how we can support you and your event.

Need some fundraising inspiration?

Host a Yoga session or an indoor rock climbing challenge!

Two Pint’s Deep (TPD) is a local men’s mental health and suicide prevention community. They also run an anonymous messaging platform. This year, TPD hosted an inclusive, welcoming and meditative yoga session to start off the Sunday right! This was hosted by Adele, a local mental health researcher.

Soon to follow, a rock climbing event hosted by Parthian Climbing Manchester. A safety co-ordinator took a group of 16 newbies through the basics of climbing. This was to encourgae people to step out of their comfort zone!

Host your own music event – like Dock 10!

Last September Dock 10 organised a day of music and raised an amazing £2700 in aid of Mind in Salford.

Local Bands came together to the open studio space and it was a fantastic day.

The event was that successful, they have decided to go again this year on the 1st of May. We can’t wait to attend.

Do a group walking challenge!

Last year we celebrated The Newcastle to Manchester Walkers. Sam, Sal Coralie, Lucy and Tallie walked 128 miles in 4 days in July to raise awareness for those struggling with their mental health.

An incredible £3750 was raised. A huge thank you to everyone who donated and supported the walkers en route.

How old do I have to be to fundraise for you?
  • There is no minimum age to fundraise for us, but we ask that a parent or guardian registers anyone under 16. Certain fundraising activities do have minimum ages, for example:  Collection box collectors must be 16 years of age or over.
  • For licensed lotteries, including raffles, children under 16 cannot buy or sell tickets.
  • Children under 16 cannot count collected money.
What materials can you provide to help with my fundraising?
  • We have collection tins, merchandise, t-shirts and running vests to help support your event.
  • We also have a selection of downloadable materials to help with your fundraising. Find them here. Link to sponsor form, gift aid certificate.
Can I use the Charity logo?
  • If you have registered to fundraise for us you can use our logo, but any use of our logo must be approved by the Charity before being used or printed in any materials or publications. Please email a draft of your intended publication using our logo to your contact within the Charity team, for approval.
  • To request a copy of our logo, and for further guidance regarding the use of our logo, please register your event or email your contact within the Charity team.
  • If you would like a member of the Team to attend your event, please let us know at the earliest opportunity so that we can get your event date into our dairies.
Are you up for the challenge?

Mind in Salford works with a variety of local suppliers to ensure that we offer our supporters an opportunity for a once in a lifetime challenge.  You can take on these challenges as an individual or as a team – the more the merrier!

We offer opportunities to:

  • Sky Dive from 11,000ft or 15,000ft.  We do this with Black Knights in Lancaster, who have over 20 years of experience of offering parachute jumps and tandem sky dives.
  • Dive with Sharks – we do this at Blue Planet Aquarium near Cheshire Oaks.  It is a dive into the Caribbean temperature waters, where 3 sharks, stingrays and numerous other sea life.  It is NOT a caged dive, but there are safety divers!

For more information or to book a place on one of these events, please email [email protected]